Millions of working people find themselves at risk each and every day. Clearly, smartphones can, at times, be of help during an emergency, but our team of dedicated developers, industry veterans and committed professionals believed there had to be a better way to enhance communication and improve response time in time of crisis. The result of their collective efforts: The launch of RiskBand, the first untethered wearable device designed to be an essential component of a company’s emergency response strategy that changes everything with the push of a button. As more and more organizations turn to our unique and powerful device and platform, it is easiest to understand the importance of RiskBand by learning what our growing stable of respected clients have to say.

  1. “RiskBand provides state-of-the-art emergency alerting…in a way I have never seen before.” (Convenience Store Executive: South Carolina) It is gratifying to know that our unique state-of-the-art technology is really taking hold.
  2. “RiskBand is an incredible safety device as it provides access to emergency response with the click of a button.” (Corporate Security Officer: Kentucky) We have strongly believed in a time of panic, simplicity is paramount. Fumbling for a nearby smartphone is simply an unacceptable solution. 
  3. “I found the device to be very user friendly.” (Certified Nurse’s Aide: Indiana) We’ve worked diligently to deliver sophisticated technology in a non-threatening manner.
  4. “I really like the case…and found it very durable and the device easy to wear.” (Hotel Housekeeper: Chicago) We put a great deal of effort into designing cases that protect our device while also allowing the device to be worn in a manner that best fits the unique needs of every user. 
  5. “RiskBand has proven extremely valuable in providing peace of mind to our employees, which has also helped with employee retention.” (Assisted Living Executive: Mississippi) In today’s business world, few things are more important than employee safety, satisfaction and retention.
  6. “We really like the idea of having RiskBand…especially when there is only one employee in the store.” (Store Manager: Nevada) Early interest from retailers, c-stores and restaurants confirmed what our research had told us. Millions of lone worker situations exist across many industries.
  7. “RiskBand’s customer service has been fantastic, training was simple, and the device is easy to use.” (Social Worker: Virginia) Nothing frustrates me more than a great product with inferior service and inadequate training. We have made client satisfaction a cornerstone of our company. 
  8. “The ability for RiskBand to interlink with our current corporate security architecture is extremely valuable.” (Corporate Security Executive: California) We never intended for RiskBand to be a consumer solution. We are much more than a device; we are a simple-to-integrate safety and security platform. 
  9. “RiskBand is more than capable of providing me peace of mind.” (Registered Nurse: Pennsylvania)From day one, we spoke of providing proactive peace of mind. Device wearers appreciate the fact that our technology is designed to improve communication and minimize response time during an emergency.
  10. “RiskBand helps in situations where a threat is made…and avoids a ‘he said she said’ problem when bringing the situation to the attention of security.” (Delivery Driver: Ontario, Canada) We have built our device, platform, protocols and cyber security to ensure that a situation can even be carefully analyzed after the fact…even in a court of law.
  11. “After wearing the device just once, I would have paid the monthly premium myself to have RiskBand clipped to my belt at all times.” (Home Heathcare Worker: Virginia) What better endorsement can you get from a committed employee working in a field that we all respect?

After reading these, it should be little wonder as to why, in 2020, thousands of at-risk employees, from traveling executives to c-store employees, from home healthcare professionals to restaurant workers and beyond, will benefit from the proactive piece of mind that only RiskBand offers.