Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. November 2022  

RiskBand, an industry leader in the provision of security devices for lone and at-risk workers, is pleased to announce the selection of FocusPoint International (FocusPoint), the industry leader in critical event management, as our new partner to provide emergency response services for users of our RiskBand wearable devices beginning this December 2022.

Under the terms of this new agreement, FocusPoint will leverage its 24/7 multi-lingual assistance centers and PULSE™ critical event management platform to receive and action SOS alerts directly from RiskBand devices. FocusPoint will also provide on-demand incident management and escalation to emergency response services as needed for RiskBand customers.    

FocusPoint maintains 16 registered offices across five continents with over 5,000 vetted medical, security, linguists, and crisis response specialists. FocusPoint manages the safe movements of over 13 million people globally, has actioned over 100,000 alert notifications, and coordinated over 20,000 rescues across more than 220 countries and territories.  

FocusPoint is well-positioned to deliver an integrated suite of technology and emergency response services that address everyday incidents, travel mishaps, and unforeseen events impacting customers on the move.

In January 2023, RiskBand will also offer to all our customers FocusPoint’s premium emergency response plan, Overwatch & Rescue, a fully-indemnified service that reduces and, in many cases, eliminates the financial exposure associated with an emergency response.  

Overwatch & Rescue compliments the distress feature on our devices and comes standard with benefits like 24/7 multi-lingual crisis consultation, search and rescue services, emergency transportation, no-cost security, and medical evacuations, along with emergency response for hazardous summer and winter sports incidents, natural disasters, pandemic threats, riots, strikes, and civil commotions.

“The features and functionality of the RiskBand wearable device are impressive, and I can see a number of use cases for RiskBand’s wearable devices,” said Greg Pearson, CEO of FocusPoint International.  

“We look forward to working closely with RiskBand to provide on-demand emergency assistance services to users of its wearable devices in times of need.” 

“FocusPoint’s global reach and resources offer tremendous value to our customer base who are already familiar with RiskBand devices,” said Fred Casanova, VP of Technology and Product Development at RiskBand.  

“We are thrilled to have FocusPoint provide a number of world-class service options for our growing customer base while working collectively to reach a broader international audience,” added Casanova.


FocusPoint International (FocusPoint) is an industry-leading critical event management company that combines 24/7 multi-lingual assistance centers with proprietary technology and innovative indemnity solutions to provide a robust Emergency Response as a Service (ERaaS) solution to channel partners and end users alike.  

The company specializes in the full provision of satellite and cellular device monitoring and emergency escalation services, search and rescue, medical and security evacuation services, and crisis response services in support of people, assets, and organizations on the move.  

FocusPoint’s ethos and mission are one and the same, to encourage people on the move to live life to the fullest while being there for our customers when unforeseen events trigger the need for emergency response.


Founded in 2015, RiskBand, a South Carolina-based Whereable Technologies, Inc. subsidiary, provides wearable, sophisticated, and multi-dimensional devices capable of providing voice, data, photos, and geo-location services with a single push of a button, and a simple-to-use SaaS platform (ARIES). The RiskBand device is a stand-alone emergency response and communication tool that is not dependent upon a smartphone. The user can activate the device with a single push of a button and will be connected with the emergency response team at FocusPoint, who will receive the alert directly and provide on-demand incident management and escalation to emergency response services as needed for the RiskBand customer. The ARIES platform is a graphical user interface that is easy to integrate and update with a customer’s systems, enables a customer to configure its devices, and permits vital information to be shared during an event.  RiskBand markets its devices and access to its platform to businesses with “at-risk employees” or “lone workers”, which include numerous end markets.    

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