Activation. Coordination. Response.

Untethered Wearable Enterprise Global Emergency Response Platform.


Not dependent upon a smartphone, RiskBand is operable anywhere in the world where cell service is available.


The RiskBand wearable safety device is designed to adapt to a wearer’s needs and can be worn in multiple configurations.


Built for the rigors of real world use, it can be deployed with the reliability to function during an emergency.

A Convergence of Technology

RiskBand was purpose-built with a unique combination of technologies meant to empower users in their every-day life.  The convergence of technology, supported by our integrated enterprise platform enables focused wearable safety and security applications for our customers and their employees.

Push Button Activated Emergency Alerting Provides:

Voice | GPS | Images |Messaging |24×7 Monitoring

Built for the Enterprise

RiskBand’s enterprise software platform is designed to be secure from the start. Providing for complete management of deployed wearable safety devices, a comprehensive user interface allows for complete control while our software architecture allows for infinite expandability.

Making an Impact Across Industry

RiskBand is the first wearable enterprise global emergency response platform designed to be the essential component of a company or organization’s emergency response strategy.

Safety and Security for Industry

Global Corporate Enterprise

Small or large, domestic or global, RiskBand is a critical partner in providing monitoring solutions for the safety and security of your employees.RiskBand provides push button support to Incident Alerting and Response, Communications and Safety/Security Monitoring to your global enterprise.

Campus Safety (School, University and Hospital)

Personal Safety on campuses of any type is a concern for all tasked with providing security. In most environments people are free to move about, without much constraint. Providing staff and/or students with the ability to immediately report life threatening situations is critical, that is where RiskBand is the solution.

Over-The-Road Truck Drivers

These drivers are a critical part of the countries infrastructure, delivery goods for industry, for consumer consumption, you name it, they deliver it. A frequent topic in the news is safe drivers, or hands free driving which can place a cell phone out of immediate reach, particularly if there is an accident. With RiskBand, your access to emergency services is with you at all times.

Remote Workers

Whether it’s the cable guy, hvac company or an employee working in some remote location, you need to provide them with a near instant help line. RiskBand allows you to set up safety monitoring rules so that you know your employees are safe, wherever they may be throughout the day.

Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers face more threats today, than ever before. It doesn’t matter if they are delivering precious materials, or pizza, they are in an environment that takes them to many unfamiliar and often insecure environments. With RiskBand they can rest assured that if they need help, help is simply a push of a button away.

Mass Transit and Ride Share

Whether you are carrying passengers in a train, in a taxi or in a personally owned vehicle, your safety and those with you is critical. RiskBand offers a hands-free solution that allows you to notify authorities in case of emergency. In fact, RiskBand is a discrete device that allows you to make notification without tipping off to others that you have sent an alert

RiskBand 24x7 Monitoring and Response by GEOS

GEOS has been providing monitored solutions for customers and partners since 2007. We monitor everything from people to places and things, anywhere in the world, all from our globally recognized FEMA certified team inside our secure facility in Texas. With GEOS you get the benefit of internationally recognized Incident Response Monitoring by GEOS Response, home to the International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC). The IERCC has handled tens of thousands of incidents and saved countless lives and property. Why would you rely on anyone else, when GEOS has performed time and again in over 150 countries?

Stay Up to Date

RiskBand is continually developing new technology solutions in support of an ever growing customer base across many verticals.  Join us and stay up to date with news, updated features and helpful tips to secure your enterprise.

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